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|Practical case|



Hanging from the wall is a large chalkboard with the side panels folded out. There are traces of smudged chalk on the green surface. In front of the board is a carriage with a monitor. Using two handles, it can be moved up and down or along the carriage sideways. When one searches along the surface of the board by moving the monitor, sentence fragments and single words appear at random.

Treatments/actions (with Matthieu Vlaminck and Mirco Frass):

. Duplication of the legacy hardware (purchase of a spare monitor on Ebay and acquisition of a spare Macintosh G3 Beige)

. Implementation of a USB card on the Macintosh G3 Beige (Frankenstein media: the Macintosh G3 do not have a usb port for mouse)

. Replacement of the mice:  In the original condition of the work, analog mice with trackball technology were used. A signal was transmitted from each of the two mice in the x or y axis. These analog mice were replaced by mice with laser sensors (Trust Laser Mouse). Purely optically, no change can be seen.

- Setup in exhibition

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