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Which kind of methodology may practically answers to the theoretical issues of authenticity, historicity and long term access?

If there is a theoretical approach seems to be based on a simple precept of Perla Innocenti: “keeping the bits alive” [6], there is a lack of methodology for decision-making process in digital art preservation. In the frame of my master thesis in the Avignon Art School and my fellowship at the University of Maine (Still Water Lab, Variable Media Network) I studied all the international research conducted on digital art and variable media preservation (DOCAM, Rhizome, IMAP, PANIC, POCOS…) and I decided to conduct myself an experimental online methodological diagram aimed at helping museums stakeholders. The goal being to do a state of the art of the best practices in a logical path, to gather all these research projects’ results in the same place and potentially create a sharing platform to exchange point of view and practical cases.

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