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Transformation Digital Art 2018 | International Symposium on Digital Art Preservation - LIMA, Amsterdam, MARCH 22 & 23 


In nowadays, the bigger challenge in preserving digital art remains dependency to third-party software and the software-hardware interdependencies. And the planned obsolescence of the 90s is nothing to compare with what we are going to face in the near future with recent products like smartphones, creating an even higher hardware-software dependency by preventing retro compatibility or downgrading.

So what can we do in front of such hegemony? Crowdsourcing. It can take different forms like buying an Amiga on eBay for spares, asking the Internet community for a cracked version of MAX MSP 3.5 or 3.6, seeking for public assistance for API hacking or call in pirates into the team. ZKM’s techniques and methods for digital art preservation are focused on experimentation, research, hands-on procedures and tinkering to keep its collection alive.

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