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WiFi-SM is made up of a wireless bracelet that the visitor can attach to his wrist and a computer-interface connected to the Internet. The bracelet automatically detects in real-time the information from approximately 4,500 RSS news sources worldwide updated continuously and analyses them looking for specific keywords that the visitor previously entered in the custom-made software such as death, kill, murder, torture, rape, war, virus etc… Each time the text of the news contains one of these chosen keywords, the WiFi-SM device, whose function is to « share the pain of the world » is activated through the Wi-Fi network and provides the visitor an electric impulse. This impulse is calibrated so that the visitor can feel a certain amount of pain, but is completely safe.

Conservation treatment of the prototype of the artwork WiFi-SM (2003) by Christophe Bruno with updated and stable technologies, change of some components, reprogramming of obsolete parts, documentation/installation manual and packaging.

Treatments/actions (with Stéphane Bizet):
. Programming of a computer-based application (Processing) , Windows/JAVA compatible.
. Machine-user interface design
. Xbee coding and communication
. Soldering – circuit assembly
. Documentation (Synchronisation procedure, user manual, maintenance routine and troubleshooting)
. Packaging and shipment

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