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WISSEN - ZKM research program



Part of the development team with Matthieu Vlaminck & Marc Schütze

This year, 2019, ZKM resurrected its wiki to document its collection. Based on Rhizome’s Artbase and Matters in Media Art’s documentation template, this Wiki developement project shows how existing documentation strategies can be adapted to the particularities of each individual museum or institution.

The ZKM Wiki is host on the museum server and accessible online for collaborative documentation with th artists and external experts.

The Wiki led to a profound restructuring of the underlying structure of documentation and management of works in the museum. The creation of a unique identifier requires a reconsideration of the unique object in favor of multiple instantiations and variants. But the possibilities offered by this editing tool are beyond expectation, especially for the version control and collaborative-based documentation. 

This research will be presented at Transformation Digital Art 2020, LIMA, Amsterdam.

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